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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I use InsightMon?

    Using InsightMon is straightforward. Users simply need to register an account on the platform, follow simple steps to install the agent, and complete the setup process to start enjoying intelligent operational services. The platform continuously monitors system status and provides real-time alerts and recommendations based on AI algorithms to help users quickly identify and resolve potential issues.

  • What does InsightMon monitor?

    InsightMon can monitor various IT infrastructures, including servers, network devices, databases, applications, containers, and more. Users can flexibly configure monitoring objects based on their needs and view system status and performance data in real-time.

  • How do I send my log data to the InsightMon platform?

    You can send your log data to the InsightMon platform in multiple ways. First, you can use the API interface we provide to directly send your log data to the platform. Additionally, we support common log collection tools and services such as Logstash and fluent-bit. You can configure these tools to send log data to the InsightMon platform. Finally, if you use cloud service providers such as AWS or Azure, you can directly import log data into the InsightMon platform.

  • Does InsightMon integrate with the services I'm currently using?

    Yes, InsightMon integrates with various commonly used services, including cloud services, monitoring tools, log collection tools, and more. We provide rich APIs and plugins that allow you to easily integrate InsightMon with the services you are currently using, enabling seamless data integration and sharing. This allows you to comprehensively monitor and manage your entire IT infrastructure on the InsightMon platform.

  • Where can I send alerts?

    InsightMon supports multiple alert notification methods, including email, SMS, in-platform messages, and Webhooks. You can flexibly configure alert notification methods based on your needs on the platform. When the system detects abnormal conditions, it will immediately send alert notifications to you, allowing you to take timely action to ensure system stability.

  • How do I view monitoring data and reports?

    You can view monitoring data and reports in real-time on the InsightMon platform. The platform provides an intuitive interface and rich data visualization tools to help you quickly understand the system's operating status and performance metrics. Additionally, you can customize reports and dashboards based on your needs for flexible configuration and display.