Infrastructure monitoring

AI-Powered 360-Degree Observability for Real-Time Monitoring

Next-Gen Intelligent Monitoring Driven by AI

A next-generation intelligent operational monitoring solution integrated with artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing technologies. It provides real-time monitoring, analysis, and intelligent operation and maintenance for key components such as IT infrastructure, network devices, applications, and databases with higher precision, wider dimensions, and smarter capabilities, quickly providing warnings and recommendations for potential abnormal faults, significantly improving IT system stability and availability.

(1) End-to-End Real-Time Monitoring

Using distributed tracing technology, it extends beyond individual components to comprehensive monitoring of the entire IT architecture service chain. It offers in-depth service operation insights, allowing you to understand each link of service operation in real-time:

  • Out-of-the-box data monitoring analysis templates
  • Flexible multi-dimensional filtering of key indicators
  • Rapid correlation of upstream and downstream anomalies for precise root cause identification By quickly identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks across services, it optimizes application performance and accelerates fault troubleshooting.

(2) Data Visualization Insights and AI Chart Interpretation

Transforming large amounts of complex monitoring and operational data into intuitive charts and reports, swiftly grasping trends and patterns of key performance indicators. Combined with AI intelligent chart interpretation capabilities, it automatically analyzes data patterns and provides in-depth business insights:

  • Real-time dynamic data visualization charts
  • Efficient and flexible data aggregation and analysis processing
  • Automated monitoring of key performance indicators
  • AI-driven intelligent chart interpretation, deep analysis, and trend prediction based on AI algorithms and big data The application of AI algorithms further enhances the interpretation of visual data, providing early warnings for potential system issues by intelligently identifying anomalies and trends in the data.

(3) Millisecond-Level High-Precision Alerts and Instant Response

In second-level units, a high-precision rapid monitoring alert mechanism captures any abnormal faults in real-time, automatically deduplicates and reduces noise through integrated AI algorithms, filtering critical alert information:

  • Alert response time reaches "millisecond" level, meeting high standards for real-time analysis scenarios at the container or even kernel level
  • Custom alerts for single dimensions combined with multidimensional compound alerts, establishing a topological alarm system
  • Instant alerts and notifications sent through multiple channels, achieving efficient operation and maintenance The high-precision alert mechanism combined with instant response significantly shortens the identification, root cause location, and response time for abnormal faults, improving fault recovery speed.

(4) AI-Driven Fault Analysis and Predictive Maintenance

Utilizing AI technology and big data analysis to conduct in-depth analysis of abnormal faults from multiple dimensions, predicting potential system hazards and performance risks: assisting you in quickly identifying the source of problems, formulating effective solutions, and taking action before issues arise:

  • Intelligent identification and analysis of real-time abnormal events to pinpoint root causes
  • Intelligent in-depth analysis combined with historical abnormal data
  • Tailored responses to faults and improvement recommendations
  • Using AI algorithms to predict potential faults and issues, intervening in advance By improving analysis efficiency and automation levels through AI data analysis technology, it provides closed-loop AIOps capabilities from monitoring and anomaly detection to root cause analysis based on compressed alerts, truly achieving AI-driven operational management.