Log Management

Intelligent Log Analysis and Efficient Event Tracking

Centralized Log Management with Advanced Intelligent Analysis

An integrated log management solution combining machine learning and advanced data analysis technologies. It collects, stores, and analyzes all log data in the IT environment, rapidly identifies and classifies log events using intelligent algorithms, provides real-time log monitoring and alerts, helps operation and maintenance teams efficiently track and analyze events, thereby reducing fault troubleshooting time and enhancing system security.

(1) Centralized Log Collection and Storage

  • Unified collection of logs from various sources such as applications, systems, and network devices.
  • Efficient log storage architecture, optimizing storage costs.

(2) Intelligent Log Analysis

  • Clustering identification and anomaly detection of log data using machine learning algorithms.
  • Automated log classification and priority sorting for quick issue identification.

(3) Real-Time Monitoring and Data Integration

  • Seamless integration with monitoring systems to simplify data management.
  • Real-time monitoring of log streams, immediate detection of potential security threats and system anomalies.

(4) Data Visualization and Statistics

  • Transform log data into intuitive charts and trend reports for analysis and display.
  • Multi-dimensional exploration and in-depth analysis of log data.